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Decal Waterslide Transfer Printing Sticker

4.5 - 4.5

1. New film-less(none-film out line border halo) non-fired water-slide transfer decals printing,  special for coated/uncoated metal, STAINLESS STEEL, ENAMELS,  carbon composite materials, fiber-glass, ceramic, marble stone, wood, plastics, ---. Suitable for toys-model, guitar pedals, golf /fishing rods, sports goods, tennis rackets, bicycle parts, most of metal parts, crafts furnishings, candles holder, eletronic guitars, glass lamp, candle holders, wine bottles, kitchen wooden furniture homeware, knobs, pulls , handles, most industrial products, ----, surface decorations. 2. Ideal for transfer to irregular curved or any difficult printing shape surface, very good durability even without after final clear coating if need. 3. Options: Soak transfers into water 20-30 seconds, place wet transfers on substrates & squeeze to push the water bubbles under neath the transferred decals before take off the top clear carrier. After push out the air bubbles, water, thoroughly then let it air dry or on oven/dryer at low temperature untill totally dry, then take off the top clear carrier, before clear coating please use damp rag gently wipe surface to remove the residual-gum of water slide paper. Be sure totally substrates dried, and then spray your protective coating finally. 4.This new film-less decal water slide transfers was good adhesion for most of smooth/glossy surface without protective coating when curing at 140-160 Celsuis degrees for 20-30 minutes.For outstanding suff resitant please spary protective coating finally if need. 5.Send your detail artwork then we should quote back soon. Samples with customers' registered trademarks, logos and diagrams are for demonstration only and not available for sale.

Garment Clothing Apparel Mian Care Label Iron-On Heat Transfer Film Sticker

0.1 - 0.1

1.New developing Tag-less Label-free garment fabric clothes heat transfer label transfer printing film for most of t-shirt active/underwear Knitting garment baby clothing CARE & CONTENT instruction's label for BRAND LOGO permanent I.D. prevent fake copy. 2. It's more comfortable for skin touch & cheap comparing woven/printed lable,which offers brand and variable information without a sewn-in label , good washing fastness after transferred. 3. Send your artwork details and ratio size break down,then we should quote you back soon. Samples with customers' registered trademarks, logos and diagrams are for demonstration only and not available for sale.  


0.5 - 0.5

1.Iron-on glass bead reflective transfer printing enhance safety,which are widely used on sportswear, active wear, work wear, special service wear, uniforms, waist-coats, gym bags, special clothes, hats,--, suitable for security & protection on garment clothing decoration & promotion. 2.No need to sewing, JUST iron-on at transferring temperature around 155 degrees Celsius within 12-15 seconds, set pressure at medium to high then peel after 5-8 seconds when it getting cool.    Samples with customers' registered trademarks, logos and diagrams are for demonstration only and not available for sale.  

About Us

We are the transfer paper printing company whom have joint by R & D chemists, inks manufacture, machine designer,---, So we have the best team support, that is why we can manufacture all kinds of transfer printing inks & transfer printing materials, water slide decal transfer sticker, transfer paper, flock heat transfer film, foil, for most of substrates, including garment clothing accessories, toys model, sports crafts furnishings parts decals, bicycle part decals, plastic, leather, rubber,metal steel, carbon fiber, enamels, glass, ceramic, wood, nameplate, --- & other industrial products,for promotion & decoration.